Do You Need More Leads and Sales?

How much would your business benefit from a continuous stream of pay-for-performance clients?

Let’s face it: Advertising is a pain.

It’s expensive.

It’s unpredictable.

Sometimes things you try don’t work at all.

And that’s the good news.

The bad news is that if you don’t generate enough sales, you’re on a trajectory to failure.… Read the rest

YouTube “Split Test” Video Advertising Trial

Click above for 15sec video

We’ll produce two videos, customized to your product or service. Then we’ll advertise both videos to your prospects in your geographical area on YouTube until they reach 20,000 views in total. (More views available upon request). This will show which video generates the best response for future marketing.

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2-Week Trial: Custom Leads & Sales

  • Apply Before May 31, 2024
  • 2-Week Trial
  • Supports P4P Partnership Qualification
  • Custom Real-Time Leads & Sales Solely for Your Business
  • We advertise your product or service
  • You pay us nothing for our efforts
  • You only pay Google directly for the media costs ($500-$1500)
  • NO OBLIGATION to continue
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Free Video and Advertising Trial


  • Pay Us Nothing
  • Free Video / TV Commercial
  • 2-Week Google / YouTube Ad Trial
  • Only Pay Google for Media Costs
  • No Obligation to Continue After Trial
  • Opportunity for P4P Partnership
  • Sign-Up by Dec 31, 2021

We’ll produce a free custom video, suitable for advertising online or on TV, specifically

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Video Advertising Trial for Leads and Sales

30-second video above


  • Custom video and ad trial for your product or service
  • 20,000 views from the right prospects
  • Option for thousands more views after the trial
  • Can be used as a pre-TV trial
  • See VIDEO EXAMPLES below
  • Start by Oct 31, 2021

We’ll produce a custom video, suitable

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Free TV Commercial / Video

Click above for 15sec video
  • Apply before Sept 30, 2021
  • Free custom TV commercial/video solely for your business
  • Free 2-week TRIAL of our advertising service
  • No future obligation after the trial
  • Pay us nothing
  • Only pay Google for the media costs ($50/day x 14 days = $700)
  • Up to 23,000 video views
  • See “VIDEO
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How Much Should Leads Cost?

How much should leads cost for your business?

What if you could set your own price?

With an emphasis on video advertising, we create real-time leads specifically for your business and we get paid only from the sales you make.

As you might suspect, this type of marketing partnership does not work for all … Read the rest

Pay for Performance TV Advertising

Skyworks is a digital advertising agency that specializes in generating leads and sales, not only through the Internet, but primarily through video and television. We have three different ways to help expand your business and two of them offer the opportunity for a pay-for-performance partnership. (Try saying that three times fast!)

A) The first … Read the rest

What is “Groupon for TV”?


In brief, it means more customers without paying cash for the advertising.

“Groupon for TV” is an expression that conveys the simplicity of a pay-for-performance advertising model offered by Skyworks Marketing, which is a digital advertising agency located by the ocean in Ventura, CA.

Although … Read the rest