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From zero to over $100 million in 3 years via online advertising, direct mail and national TV advertising – for one business.

How much can yours grow? (Sky is the limit).


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Video Production. Pay-for-Performance Advertising.
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Video / TV Production

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Video Post-Production
Video Production

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Video Creation
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Video Production
Video Advisement

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#1 Error in Planning or Hiring Commercial Video Production

With numerous awards and press (see below), find out how Skyworks Marketing can support your video and/or TV success.

We offer full-service video production, from script writing to on-location and studio production, as well as post-production services. 

We shoot locally, travel when needed, and/or hire crew around North America to get the job done. 

We can edit or integrate your own footage.

And, we’ll also get your videos distributed online and on TV. Find out more….


Awards & Press

(so far...)
Skyworks Marketing
Our Ventura TV
Video Production Awards and Press

Skyworks Marketing produces Our Ventura TV

  • 2019: Article in the Ventura Breeze newspaper (p16)
  • 2018: Winner — Imagine Then Vote; Go Outside (And Vote), AKA Propaganda Rejects
  • 2018: Article in the Ventura Breeze newspaper (p17)
  • 2018: Article in the Camarillo Acorn newspaper
  • 2017: Article in Toastmasters International magazine (p27)
  • 2016: Runner Up — Short Film; Ocean Defenders: Stories Lived
  • 2016: Honorable Mention — Short Film; Heaven on Earth: Heaven Now Project
  • 2015: Community TV Recognition Award — Our Ventura TV: CAPS TV
  • 2014: Finalist — Public Service Announcement (PSA); Ventura County Sheriff’s K9 Unit: ACM West (Association for Community Media)
  • 2014: Article in the Ventura County Star
  • 2013: Winner — Documentary/Interviews; Civic and Community; Face of Ventura: CAPS TV
  • 2012: Winner — Documentary/Interviews; Civic and Community; Legacy of Tortilla Flats: CAPS TV
  • 2012: Finalist — Documentary/Interview; Arts, Culture and Music; Expressionist Artist: CAPS TV
  • 2011: Finalist — Performance; Arts, Culture and Music; Phillie Ain’t No Fool: CAPS TV

Marketing / Advertising

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

We make it work for you


Here's the party


The biz of online biz


Right messaging

Data-Driven Messaging

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Higher ad performance for less money? How does that work? We use artificial intelligence and data science to increase ad performance and lower ad cost. In the world of marketing and advertising, AI facilitates massive data analysis, more effective ad creation, faster ad testing and more efficient ad buying. Each passing day puts non-AI advertisers at a greater disadvantage.

“Performance advertising: More sales. Smaller budget.” George Alger, Founder, Skyworks Marketing


TV Productions


0 to $100m, 1 client​


Awards / Press


Ads Run Online & On TV


Pay For Performance

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For all our clients: We guarantee that we’ll get it right for you with step-by-step production milestones that you sign-off for approval.

For our P4P partners: Our skin-in-the-game investment  guarantees our unparalleled commitment to your success.

100% Money-Back Guarantee for our Strategic Consulting & Plan Service.

George Alger
Founder, Skyworks Marketing

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Skyworks Marketing

Skyworks Marketing

Located in downtown Ventura, CA – surrounded by scenic mountains and a short walk to the beach – Skyworks is a digital advertising agency that specializes in video, TV and online marketing while using data science and artificial intelligence to optimize messaging and return on ad spend (ROAS).

One highlight was helping a company grow from zero to $100,000,000.00 in three years through online marketing, direct mail and national TV.

Skyworks Marketing produces web videos, social media videos, TV commercials, documentaries and all things video.  We also get your message broadcast on television (local TV is where the best value awaits) and leveraged through the Internet.

Additional services include:

  • Pay-per-Click (PPC) Management
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Website and eCommerce Development
  • Database Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Did we already say “All things video/TV”?

For certain clients, Skyworks may consider a “100%” or “Partial” Pay-For-Performance Partnership, effectively eliminating (or reducing) upfront payments in exchange for performance incentives based upon new leads/sales for your business.


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