What is a Website’s Value?

Over the years I’ve purchased a few websites from previous owners. Determining a website’s value has always been the central topic that leads to a successful transaction (or not).

There is considerably more information available nowadays, but the common theme is what you and I have understood about evaluating the worth of any item: The … Read the rest

How Ads Work on YouTube

Google owns the two biggest search engines in the world: #1 is their very own Google.com search engine, which they created. And #2 is YouTube, which Google purchased in 2006. In other words, there’s a heck of a lot of folks who use Google properties to find information and learn new things.

In retrospect, … Read the rest

Java Grill

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: This social media video contrasts a youthful, high-energy dancing experience versus the relaxed and personal charm of the coffee bar.… Read the rest

#1 Copywriting Tip

There are many important elements and guidelines for effective copywriting. And among those who write copy for the business world, there are different viewpoints on which would be the most important.

In my testing experience, “the offer” is the most vital — at least in terms of generating actual revenue. The offer is how … Read the rest

Split-Testing: What is it? Where to Start?

In the marketing and advertising world, the terms Split-Testing, A/B Testing, or just the word Testing describe the process of finding out what type of messaging generates the best response for your product or service from your specific buyers.

This is how marketing and advertising campaigns are made profitable and then made even … Read the rest

Video and TV Interview Tips

Getting interviewed as a guest on a TV talk show or a video program is easy … or is it?

You might think it’s the interviewer who has the tough job. The person asking the questions is the one that is supposed to be in charge and keep things moving along, ideally in an interesting … Read the rest

Propaganda Rejects

90sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Social media promo video to encourage voting. Features custom-composed music, motion graphic titles, stock video and visual effects (VFX).… Read the rest