We provide custom leads and sales. We use data science, artificial intelligence and the right messaging directed to the right prospects. We’re behind over a gazillion online ads.

At Skyworks Marketing we have a few distinguishing characteristics:

You’ll benefit the most from our Strategic Consulting & Plan, which is our key to generating long-term results. This service includes our 100% money-back guarantee.

Review our Advertising Services, including online and on-TV.

Visit our Marketing Strategy, which is the backbone of all we do.

Certain clients may qualify for our Pay-for-Performance Partnership, which provides extraordinary value.

Expand your leads and sales by taking advantage of our Strategic Consulting & Plan.  Did we mention there’s a 100% money-back guarantee?


Strategic Planning


This is the crown jewel of our services. It can change the very nature of how your business communicates to the world. And in some cases, it can inform how you even operate. It’s a profoundly unique 30- to 90-day consulting process, based on over two decades of marketing and advertising experience. (The length of consulting time can vary based upon the details of each business and there’s no extra cost if it takes longer). 

Once a week we’ll meet over the phone to refine a marketing plan for your business. Not only will this inform the trajectory for all your marketing and advertising, it can change the most fundamental messaging of your product or service.

We’re not trying to upend your business, we’re simply unearthing and refining a more powerful way to present it.

We are so confident about this service that we offer a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee. After we present you the final results of this consulting process, you then decide if we keep the money.  If for any reason you don’t consider the service to have surpassed the value of your investment, just request and immediately receive a full refund.


  • You pay $20K in advance. 
  • We schedule a series of consulting calls.
  • On each call you will be asked a number of questions about your business.
  • After each call, we’ll do research based upon your feedback.
  • In the subsequent calls we’ll present and discuss data and ideas based upon the research.
  • We’ll continue the phone consulting until we reach the basic outline of a plan that we mutually see as valuable.
  • In our final call, we’ll present our completed work.
  • If for any reason you determine that the plan does not live up to the value you invested, then we’ll immediately refund your money.
  • If you like the plan, we’ll send it to you in writing and you decide at your leisure who will implement it, whether that be internally at your company, through another firm(s), or whether we will be your partner. 


Digital Advertising. Physical Profits. Right Now.


We’re really not trying to keep it a secret, but especially if you don’t live in Ventura County, California you may not be aware of our awards and mentions in newspapers and magazines regarding our TV and video productions and advertising for local, national, and international clients. Regardless of where you are located in the world, you can benefit from our scripting, video editing, visual effects, and extensive stock video libraries without coming to our studio. We also hire video production teams around the world, so we can get stuff recorded regardless of location.

If you are in Southern California or plan on visiting, you are welcome to schedule some TV time with us. We have free and paid TV and video production services. For example, if you’d like to be a guest (no cost) on our weekly TV show, please schedule early, we are usually booked many weeks in advance. (See Our Ventura TV to get scheduled).

Click for more Video/TV info, awards and press.


GOOD NEWS: Google Ads (previously Adwords) is the largest and most ubiquitous online advertising platform in the world.  Advertise through Google and your message will be seen.

BAD NEWS:  If you’ve already advertised via Google Ads, you probably made sales but lost money due to your advertising costs not surpassing your profit. And even if you pay for professional management, the reality is Google Ads, by itself, will not be profitable for all businesses.

PROBLEM: The fundamental problem with Google Ads is their success.  Back in the early days, when people were scoffing at the idea of paying a few pennies or a nickel per click, their ad platform was not only inexpensive but relatively simple enough that people who had no idea what they were doing could still use it profitably. Surprise! When numerous average Joes started winning with Google Ads (called Adwords back then), the world of big money starting rushing to get in.  Not only did the costs go up significantly for each click, but the methods used to get the best results became more sophisticated.

In a perverted twist, nowadays, if you are new to Google Ads, you will pay more than your more experienced competitors and you will get fewer clicks. 

And to make matters worse, if you are willing to pay a professional agency to manage your Google Ads, you will find a gazillion such services who, in many cases, will do their best to lock you into a commitment for a year or two to pay them every month, regardless of whether the advertising is working or not.  In brief, Google Ads is profitable for countless businesses, but it may not be profitable for your business, even with pro-management.

MORE GOOD NEWS: Sure, we offer paid Google Ads management.  And so do many other agencies. But we will not lock you into a long-term contract. (Although we may offer you a discounted contract only AFTER the advertising is demonstrating good results).

Additionally, we will (and do) decline to manage Google Ads for potential clients for whom we do not believe we’ll be able to generate positive performance.


Hopefully, you’ve been developing articles, videos, courses, infographics, research papers, webinars, live events, and other types of content pertinent to your stakeholders for a long time already. (Just kidding. Few businesses can do all that on their own). Ongoing content development is a potent way to keep informing the world about your good work. And we’re here to support you.


Want to magnify the reach of your Google Ads and social advertising with traditional paid advertising? We’re talking about direct mail, print, radio, TV, as well as all kinds of online advertising, etc. Oh my, do we have experience in this area.


GOOD NEWS: Sometime in the past your business made it to Facebook.

BAD NEWS: For many businesses, posting to Facebook and using social media are not productive (there are exceptions). Using social media profitably is analogous to having a phone on your camera. Everyone has one but not everyone is a good photographer. In other words, everyone can use social media but not all are capitalizing on it in a meaningful way.

PROBLEM: Part of the problem is that Facebook changed since its early days. No longer are they showing your posts to the majority of your followers. Surprise! They want you to pay for that privilege. But to make things more interesting, paying here and there, for many businesses, is a real-world intro to the results of amateur advertising: It’s rarely strategic or productive.

MORE GOOD NEWS: By integrating even a small social media budget with an honest-to-God, paid advertising strategy (who knew?), you can exponentially increase the power of your social media outreach. It’s a giganticus whammy of goodness. Shoot us a message to find out more.


What is cross-platform retargeting? It’s magic. It’s a gift of the Gods. It’s how small- and medium-sized businesses can level the playing field with big advertisers.

It’s how we can show ads, on other ad platforms, to people that already visited your website (or YouTube video or Facebook, etc), but didn’t sign up for anything or make a purchase.

For example, after they visited your website we can show them ads on their favorite news or other sites that display ads.

One downside is that this can be executed unproductively, which means it does benefit from professional management.


Would your brand benefit from an engaged online community of advocates for your cause?

We’re not talking about people who “like” your Facebook page, which can have little or varying degrees of value depending upon how it’s integrated with your marketing and advertising strategy.

We’re talking about people who are interested enough to subscribe to ongoing information about a cause that is relevant to them and your business. (This will vary for every business).

A key component is “story development.”

In other words, what story will work best at building a community online?  This includes the right messaging that is correlated with the right keywords. In some circumstances establishing a nonprofit — that your business supports — may be a good way to nurture a community and do good in the world.  If so, there are advertising grants available that we can obtain on your behalf to help build the community. We help establish the story, the messaging, the grants, a community-building website, as well as social media advertising and management. You establish the nonprofit.

NOTE: This type of community building does not require a nonprofit. That’s just one path.


Before Skyworks Marketing was a twinkle in the eye of its founder, we developed websites from scratch (in the ’90s). Then at the turn of the century, we gravitated to Content Management Systems and ultimately turned our focus to WordPress.

Additionally, ask about our package pricing. You may be eligible for additional services, such as:

  • Landing Page Advisement
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Landing Page Testing
  • Google Conversion Tracking
  • Google Analytics Tracking


Sure, we get it. You already have a newsletter (as you should!). How’s it working for you? Is it integrated with your Google Ads and social media advertising? Although newsletters are not as effective as they used to be, they’re still an economical way to build and nurture an online community to then educate them about your story. Need some support? Or want to have this elegantly integrated hand-in-glove with your digital advertising? You’ve come to the right place. TIP: integrating retargeting (see above) with your newsletter can be an effective way to increase engagement with your prospects and customers. In other words, you can advertise your services online to your email subscribers. And you only pay if they click on the ads. So, potentially, you can have your email subscribers also seeing ads for your company on other websites, and if they don’t click the ads, it’s free advertising and if they do click the ads, they arrive back to your website for another visit, which also brings them closer to a sale.


Start Small. Test to Success. Then Test Even More!

The whole point of this data-driven Marketing Strategy (supported with artificial intelligence and machine learning) is to spend as little advertising dollars as possible, especially in the beginning, until Split-Testing and refinement prove the expenditures will result in a positive return on investment when scaling up.

Although every client relationship is unique, based upon the specific requirements of a given business, this framework outlines an integrated online and offline approach towards increasing sales efficiently. By starting with small steps and using real performance data, we can work together to increase your sales with the confidence gained from ongoing testing and performance evaluation.

  • Client Consultation to assess resources, goals and the “Client Story”
  • Market research and written program
  • Review or establish email database
  • Research keywords and product/service offer (message, price, shipping, guarantee, etc)
  • Create sales landing pages to split-test product/service offers
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising to test and refine keywords, sales copy, offers, demographics, etc.
  • Refine landing pages to further split-test product/service offers
  • Iterate PPC and landing page refinements until “control” combination established
  • If PPC profitable, continue. Otherwise, discontinue PPC
  • Integrate prior “control ad” messaging into videos
  • Test videos, including message, talent, audience, demographics, etc.
  • Test video platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, etc.
  • Based upon prior results, and the specific product/service, test other online and offline media channels (such as direct mail, industry magazine advertising, radio, etc.)
  • Leverage high-performance keywords via Search Engine Optimization
  • Test/refine database email marketing, taking advantage of all marketing data obtained
  • Iterate multi-channel tests to develop “control” ad for each channel
  • Continue to develop profitable channels and discontinue unprofitable channels
  • Does this product/service lend itself to TV? If so, and based upon prior results and marketing data obtained, develop TV strategy
  • Split-test TV ads in low-cost, local markets
  • Iterate TV tests and refinements until “control” combination established
  • Test “control” ad in larger geographical market
  • As long as “control” ad is profitable, continue to expand into wider and wider geographic TV zones
  • The ultimate opportunity is to integrate the most effective marketing channels, proven through a marketing process of testing and comparing, to get the most bang for your advertising buck.

The purpose of this outline is not to detail all actions and steps, since every business is unique. For example, this framework does not feature Social Media and “content marketing,” which, although pertinent to many businesses, can be integrated earlier or later, or not at all. However, “PPC” should be understood to include at least Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Instagram, and Tik Tok (depending upon the product/service), even though there are additional opportunities. (It bears emphasis that, in this context, we are referring to paid media and not social postings).

Additionally, remarketing and retargeting currently represent some of the most effective paid advertising opportunities. Tactically, such can be included at different places in the above sequence.

Furthermore, the database/email marketing aspect needs further highlight. When it is done well, it can still achieve the lowest-cost, highest-profit marketing opportunity for many businesses.

Finally, a vital aspect of a successful marketing program would be testing new products and services along with integrating cross-sells and up-sells into the marketing mix.