About Skyworks Marketing

about-marketingLocated in downtown Ventura, CA – surrounded by scenic mountains and a short walk to the beach – Skyworks is a boutique digital advertising agency that specializes in using TV, video and online marketing to tell your story in a way that inspires and engages audiences. Skyworks not only produces TV commercials, documentaries and all things video, we get your message placed on local TV and leveraged through the Internet.

Additional services include: Website and eCommerce Development, Database Marketing; Pay-per-Click (PPC) and Display Advertising; Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Social Media Marketing; Social Media Advertising; and Email Marketing, all by using stories that drive “Content Marketing” with a particular emphasis on “Personality Marketing.”

It should be underscored that formulating the “story” for your product or service is central to the Skyworks approach. All types of media can be leveraged to tell your story for the purpose of generating new leads and sales, and we typically emphasize visual storytelling via pictures, graphics, animations and videos.

For certain clients, Skyworks may consider a “100%” or “Partial” Pay-For-Performance Partnership, effectively eliminating (or reducing) upfront payments in exchange for a percentage of new profits brought into such clients’ businesses. Click “Pay for Performance” for more information.

Video/TV Awards and Press

George Alger, Skyworks Marketing Principal

George AlgerGeorge Alger is a veteran sales/marketing technologist and an award-winning cable TV producer. He has produced over 900 commercials, PSA’s, documentaries, trailers and mostly talk shows. He has serviced some of the largest companies in the B2B space, specifically marketing financial and IT services, and has substantial experience marketing health products to consumers. Additionally, he was part of an executive team that built a health information business from nothing to over $100 million dollars in 3 years, through online marketing, direct mail and national TV advertising. Click Kudos for more.

Stew Birbrower, Skyworks Marketing Creative Director

Stew BirbrowerStew is one of the true Madison Avenue “Mad Men.” He has over 30 years experience producing more than 1500 of some of the most memorable TV commercials of all time, at one of the world’s top advertising agencies in New York City. Stew is a true creative genius. Click the following link to see Stew’s client list and watch him outline the Three Essential Ingredients for Successful TV Advertising.

Greg Collier, Skyworks Marketing Expert Cameraman

Greg CollierGreg Collier is an expert cameraman/technician who has worked on approximately 100 TV commercials for clients that run the gamut from Coca-Cola to Subaru. Known for his industrious but laid-back style, his greatest asset is simply solving any and all problems related to getting the shot. Click the following link to see Greg’s credits: Expert Cameraman, Greg Collier.

Ed Knighton, Skyworks Marketing Client Advocate

Ed KnightonEd Knighton is passionate about helping new clients maximize their revenues through the economies and efficiencies of digital advertising, including modern lead generation methods and Internet marketing. And for those that are nice to him, he might favorably leverage his position as a local TV host and correspondent to highlight community-oriented businesses.

Alan Alger, Skyworks Marketing Audio Engineer

Alan AlgerAlan Alger is an industrious talent when it comes to producing the best auditory experience for the message and presentation. Whether composing custom music and sound effects for cable TV shows or engineering the most pertinent sound design with existing elements for video and TV marketing, he generates audio power.

Skyworks Marketing Strategy

Although every client relationship is unique, based upon the specific requirements of a given business, this framework outlines an integrated online and offline approach towards increasing sales efficiently. By starting with small steps and using real performance data, we can work together to increase your sales with the confidence gained from ongoing testing and performance evaluation. Click to view, Skyworks Marketing Strategy.