Pay for Performance TV Advertising

Skyworks is a digital advertising agency that specializes in generating leads and sales, not only through the Internet, but primarily through video and television. We have three different ways to help expand your business and two of them offer the opportunity for a pay-for-performance partnership. (Try saying that three times fast!)

A) The first option is called SKYWORKS DIRECT and it’s what you might expect of any ad agency or TV production facility: We create and produce videos, TV spots, interviews, documentaries, or anything your business needs. Additionally, we’ll not only produce your TV commercial, but we’ll get it broadcast for you, as well. For this option, it’s a simple fee-for-service arrangement.

B) Our second opportunity is called SKYWORKS P4P TV (which means pay for performance television). This could be more informally described as “Groupon for TV.” In this case – like Groupon – qualified businesses pay nothing. In fact, we pay you and provide you with the names of your new customers, usually before they walk in the door. Of course the big advantage of our SKYWORKS P4P TV service, over Groupon, is that we advertise your products or service on local television, not just online.

And like Groupon, we collect the money. We keep part of what the customer pays and give you the remainder.

C) Our third opportunity is a customized mix of the first two, and it’s called SKYWORKS CUSTOM P4P. We are seeking to partner with businesses that have an excellent product or service and which can benefit from additional online and television marketing, including creating and broadcasting infomercials. More businesses may qualify for this third option, than our second one, and this offers additional features and flexibility. In its simplicity, your business will pay a discounted rate in exchange for sharing a percentage of the profits of new sales that we bring to your business. Visit our Pay-for-Performance section for more information.

Looking forward to working with you.