Product Deep Dive: The New Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 is released and it’s built upon machine learning and the customer journey, which means it facilitates analysis across multiple platforms and devices.

The idea is that by applying Google’s machine learning models, this new Google Analytics will automatically alert users to important data trends. An example could be highlighting a rising product or service demand.

Google Analytics 4 is envisioned to help marketers anticipate future actions customers may take. For example, it calculates churn probability to help identify areas of marketing concern.

Google Analytics 4 also represents a deeper integration with Google Ads. One benefit is in the way advertisers create and target audiences, ideally to facilitate more relevant and helpful ad experiences wherever those users choose to engage with your business.

Of particular note, the new Google Analytics can measure app and web interactions together, including conversions from YouTube that occur in-app and on the web. Tracking conversions from YouTube along with conversions from Google Ads and non-Google paid channels — such as Google Search, social, and email — provides improved insights into cross-channel marketing efforts.

The new platform is also designed to enhance understanding of customers across their entire lifecycle, from acquisition to conversion and retention.

With an increased interest in privacy protections, the technology landscape across the globe continues to evolve. Google Analytics 4 is designed for a future without cookies and will include modeling to fill in gaps where data may be incomplete.