How Google Search Works (in 5 minutes)

Every time someone searches for content on the internet, there are thousands, sometimes millions, of webpages available. How Google figures out which results to show starts long before a searcher begins to type.

In brief, Google evaluates the search terms a user enters into its search engine and matches them to the content on … Read the rest

Difference Between Advertising, Promotion, Publicity, Public Relations and Marketing

Here is a clever marketing citation that has been circulated around for many years that delineates the differences between advertising, promotion, publicity, public relations and marketing.

  • If the circus is coming to town and you paint a sign saying, “Circus is coming to Fairgrounds Sunday,” that’s Advertising.
  • If you put the sign on the back
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Full-Funnel, Multi-Touch Marketing

5-sec Marketing Funnel video

Full-funnel, multi-touch marketing is how to reach customers at all stages of their purchase journey. By using a variety of channels (see below) and touchpoints (see below), businesses can create a more effective customer experience that builds brand loyalty and drives sales.

In the simplest terms, full-funnel, multi-touch marketing represents a … Read the rest

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an Internet marketing process and strategy that focuses on making a website more friendly to search engines for the purpose of improving search rankings. Better search rankings can result in not only a higher quantity of traffic, but with good SEO, a better quality of traffic.

SEO facilitates the interaction … Read the rest

Using Transitions in Video Editing

In video and filmmaking terminology, a “transition” could be defined as the way in which any two video shots are joined together.

The first point to understand about transitions is that misuse or overuse of transitions is a sign of an amateur, in the same way that overuse of slide transitions in a PowerPoint presentation … Read the rest