The Whole Working-From-Home Thing

I don’t buy Apple products, but I’m generally a fan of their ads. Their newest video-ode to the “Work From Home” (WFH) culture is a sequel to their “Underdogs” spot from last year (see below). 

As a reflection of the 2020 working reality, the protagonist crew is collaborating remotely. This is a compelling product promotion couched in a character-driven story of our plucky (or not-so-lucky) coworkers against their nemesis, the dictatorial boss, as well as Mike from Finance.

And regardless of whether you’re an Apple fan or not, the story does a humorous job of highlighting how technology facilitates team productivity when working anywhere with an internet connection.

Critics of the ad harp on the representation of the oppressive corporate leadership that drives the plotline of underlings working to accomplish the impossible for the demands of an overbearing boss. But it’s so obviously presented as tongue-in-cheek that such reprovals are more reflections of the complainers’ sense of humor (or lack thereof) than a failing of the scriptwriters or those signing the video production paychecks.

Apple has once again established the makings of an entertaining series.

For further context re another of Apple’s humorous TV ad series, visit their “Get a Mac” campaign from 2006-2009.

Most businesses do not have the budgets to produce and distribute messaging on this scale, but Apple’s examples do serve to represent how creativity can make advertising more engaging.