Facebook showed this ad to 95% women. Is that a problem?

This video describes some aspects of Facebook’s targeting and artificial intelligence features that advertisers leverage when initiating ad campaigns. Which, by the way, could also be pertinent to other AI-based targeting on other platforms, such as Google and Amazon.

Although it’s clear that when an advertiser is indicating targeting preferences for his or her ads, the intent is to present those ads to viewers who are deemed to be the most likely to be interested. However, according to research from Northeastern University, Facebook sometimes displays ads to highly skewed audiences based on the content of the ad.

What we don’t know and what this video doesn’t explore is this: Are the biases in fact rationally or economically correct or incorrect?

In other words, even if the targeting selected by an advertiser is not designating a gender bias (for example), but the Facebook algorithms and data science determine that a specific gender is more likely to find the ad relevant, is that good or bad?

As an advertiser, I like the idea of generating better results with the lowest cost.