What is Copywriting?

If we said copywriting is presenting words to best communicate a marketing concept, such as on a website, in an email, in an advertisement or a direct mail letter, or on TV, radio, press releases, catalogs, billboards, brochures, sales letters, and other marketing communications media, that would encapsulate the essence of the term, but there is more to know.
And for the sake of being specific, let’s look also consider what “copy” is: Copy refers to written material on a website or email or in any other form of publishing, such as magazines, advertising, books, etc. In this usage, copy is simply what is used to differentiate the words from photographs, or other elements of layout and design.
The very purpose of copywriting is to persuade the reader to act, to persuade the listener to buy a product or service, to persuade the viewer to call for more information, to persuade individuals to subscribe to a newsletter or to download a document, or to persuade others to adopt a certain viewpoint, or even to oppose a particular viewpoint.
Copywriting  is a core component of all Advertising, Promotion, Publicity, Public Relations and Marketing.
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5 thoughts on “What is Copywriting?”

  1. Great stuff, George.
    IMO, so many people struggle to find their “voice” as copywriters–and I think this is ironic. They somehow haven’t seen writing AS voice. My advice: Write as you speak. You don’t fumble with spoken words; try to be just as immediate with the written languange.
    Of course, in writing, one has the opportunity to take poorly chosen words back and offer better ones. But don’t let that act as an excuse for stilted, contorted prose. Just SAY it.
    If anyone regards me as a passable writer, it’s because I just spit it out.
    Keep up the good work here, George.

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