Osso Good

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Web and social media promo video. Features still photos of products with quickly changing bright-colored backgrounds for product differentiation. Also features a live actor for product demonstration. No audio narration was used, just upbeat music and simple titles. The final client version featured their website address and did not include the … Read the rest


15-sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Features live-action, on-premise video, stock music, motion graphic titles, visual effects (VFX) and fast pacing.… Read the rest


15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Features live actors, motion graphics, visual effects (VFX) and stock music. Repeating blue theme supports logo. The edge-blur effect calls more attention to faces and teeth.… Read the rest

Call 211

30sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Features stock video, stock graphics, motion graphics and stock music. Primary message (“Call 211”) visible most of the time. Supporting messages visible for less time. … Read the rest