Zadok Jewelers

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE. Created with still photos. Visual effects used to animate background. The design intent is to inspire viewer attention with elegant imagery and minimal text.… Read the rest

Osso Good

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Web and social media promo video. Features still photos of products with quickly changing bright-colored backgrounds for product differentiation. Also features live actor for product demonstration. No audio message used, just upbeat music and simple titles.… Read the rest

Caldera + Lab

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE. Created with still photos, motion graphics and accent elements. Visual effects used to independently animate subjects and backgrounds. The design intent is to inspire viewer attention with strong imagery and minimal … Read the rest

Chameleon Cold Brew

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Social media video. Features product shots with stock video, as well as upbeat music and brief titles to highlight simple messages. Frame with horizontal lines and blurred background added to further focus viewer attention on products.… Read the rest


15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE. Product promo video. Created with still photos, simple titles, motion graphics and visual effects. The challenge was to highlight a product concept that is new to many consumers.… Read the rest

Murder for Hire

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Mobile-device video ad for TV show. Features motion graphic titles near end and repetition of a dramatic quote for enhanced impact. Also, uses red paint-drop effect for added drama. The original version was presented in a vertical format for social media.… Read the rest