Del Frisco’s Grille

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Features motion-graphic titles, blurred-edge visual effects (VFX), animated still photos and stock music. The idea is to prominently feature the product while integrating an allusion to the restaurant’s ambiance. … Read the rest

Caldera + Lab

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE. Created with still photos, motion graphics and accent elements. Visual effects used to independently animate subjects and backgrounds. The design intent is to inspire viewer attention with strong imagery and minimal … Read the rest

Lele Sadoughi

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Features models, live video, motion graphics, motion photos, and stock music. Simple message titles to amplify product message.… Read the rest


15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Features live-action video, stock video, motion graphics, visual effects (VFX) and stock music. … Read the rest

Moments Engraved

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE. Features motion graphic titles, VFX and animated accent elements to highlight service and product. Website and Call-to-Action removed for this example. … Read the rest