15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Product demonstration video to encourage free trial. The concept was to inspire consumer interest by showing the product in action.… Read the rest

Sage Intacct

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE. Social media promo message using stock video and stock music. Green wash to support green logo. High impact titles and motion graphics for viewers who do not have sound enabled.… Read the rest

Visit Dallas

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Social media travel video. Features motion graphics and repetitive “reversal” effect to help message stand out. … Read the rest

Visit Korea

60sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Social media promo video to encourage South Korean tourism. Features stock music, motion graphic titles, stock video and visual effects (VFX).… Read the rest

Free Video and Advertising Trial


  • Pay Us Nothing
  • Free Video / TV Commercial
  • 2-Week Google / YouTube Ad Trial
  • Only Pay Google for Media Costs
  • No Obligation to Continue After Trial
  • Opportunity for P4P Partnership
  • Sign-Up by Dec 31, 2021

We’ll produce a free custom video, suitable for advertising online or on TV, specifically

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Nyback Consulting

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Features lots of motion graphics, motion photos, accent elements and stock music. Message titles to emphasize service message.… Read the rest

Del Frisco’s Grille

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Features motion-graphic titles, blurred-edge visual effects (VFX), animated still photos and stock music. The idea is to prominently feature the product while integrating an allusion to the restaurant’s ambiance. … Read the rest

Video Advertising Trial for Leads and Sales

30-second video above


  • Custom video and ad trial for your product or service
  • 20,000 views from the right prospects
  • Option for thousands more views after the trial
  • Can be used as a pre-TV trial
  • See VIDEO EXAMPLES below
  • Start by Oct 31, 2021

We’ll produce a custom video, suitable

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Free TV Commercial / Video

Click above for 15sec video
  • Apply before Sept 30, 2021
  • Free custom TV commercial/video solely for your business
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  • Pay us nothing
  • Only pay Google for the media costs ($50/day x 14 days = $700)
  • Up to 23,000 video views
  • See “VIDEO
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World Manufacturing Forum

90sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Features voice-over, motion graphics, VFX and a montage of stock video, stock photos and stock music. Script intended to simplify and personalize a potentially complex message with a story that embraces modern and ancient time.… Read the rest