Writing Email Subject Lines

Email CopywritingThe subject line of your marketing emails are the most influential way to get your messages opened.
Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind while writing them:
♦ Keep your subject headlines short and sweet – pique your subscribers’ interest and hook them in!
♦ Try to limit the subject line to 50-60 characters so it is not cut-off while being viewed in a subscribers’ inbox.
♦ Offer just enough information in the subject line to introduce your campaign without giving away the entire message.
♦ Refrain from using any words that may have your campaign automatically blocked by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which can be classified as spam: (“FREE,” “As seen on TV,” etc.)
Your ultimate goal of the subject line is to create an open for your campaign where you can hook your subscribers with more products, information, etc. that you have to offer.
For more information, click here for Effective Copywriting Guidelines.

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