WordPress 2.8 beta

This weekend I downloaded WordPress version 2.8 – which is in beta – for one of my other sites.  Typically, I wait for the newest WordPress version to become marked as “stable” before I’ll apply it to any of my websites.  (For example, this website, skyworksmarketing.com, won’t be updated to version 2.8 until it’s completed its beta testing period and becomes stably ready for full public consumption).
Although I have been continually amazed over the years at the development that goes into making WordPress easier to use, this 2.8 beta version had me laughing out loud in delight when I encountered the new ways that “Themes” and “Plugins” can be explored and installed – from “within” the WordPress admin area.   This just makes it all the easier to continually upgrade and refine a Wordress website.


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