6 Ways to Optimize Your Videos for Maximum Search Impact

Video Search OptimizationNo matter what method you use to track the growth of the YouTube phenomenon, it is a massive online service. Although all manner of video presentations are represented on YouTube (from sub-amateur to highly polished), when considered from the perspective of growing your business, you don’t need to be at the top of the scale, nor should you desire to be at the bottom. But you do want to make each video count towards your overall marketing and social media goals. Optimizing the following search factors for your videos is central to bringing that about.

1) Titles

Your video titles have the same importance as the headline to any of your articles.

Do your titles inspire interest?

Are you titles keyword relevant?

Good titles are arguably the most important component of getting your videos opened and viewed. Good titles are so important to professional copywriters, that they may spend as much time on determining the best titles (and even surveying and testing different titles), as they may have spent writing the main content.

2) Tags

Tags are keywords, or free-form, multi-word terms, assigned to a piece of information as a way to identify that content. They are somewhat analogous to mini-titles, but that’s an imperfect depiction since a group of dissimilar tags could be used to describe different components of one video.
Tagging is certainly not limited to videos, it is used for images and blog posts and other social media content. See the tags associated with this article for an example.  (If you are reading this article via an RSS feed, you’ll need to visit skyworksmarketing.com to see the tags.)
The point is to ensure that you “do” tag your videos appropriately so that each video can benefit from the search benefits of being indexed by those specific keywords and terms.

3) File Names

This can be easily overlooked but if you are hosting your videos on your own website (as opposed to uploading them to a third-party publisher, such as YouTube), then the same principles used for image optimization are applicable to your video filenames. Keep them short, in a human-readable format, and use keywords where possible.
To be really clear, a video file titled “OnlineMarketing.flv” will drive you more search traffic than one titled with numbers and/or abbreviations such as “OM061809.flv”

4) Descriptive Text

Search engines read text. Let the search engines know what your video is about by offering a description, right in the description field, such as provided by video hosting services.
Additionally, when posting a video on your site, include contextually relevant text to describe it with keywords. (And “not” by repetitive use of relevant keywords).
Further, if you want to consider having the video transcribed and then published as part of a video page, you are offering the search engines even more opportunities to serve your video page up to searchers seeking what you have to offer.

5) Video Link Building

Video content is ideal media for link building. In addition to uploading video on 3rd party hosting sites, include your video in blogs; link to it from bookmarking sites; submit it to RSS; promote your videos with email marketing and/or social networking services.

6) Video SEO

All these points are really rudimentary search engine optimization (SEO) basics for optimizing any content. Building links is another part of an SEO strategy, and includes using descriptive keyword text for the links you control and linking directly to the page hosting your video.
In summary, whether you are hosting your videos on YouTube to take advantage of its tremendous traffic, presenting your videos on other video hosting services, or hosting them on your own website, these points will help you maximize the impact your videos can have for achieving your online marketing goals.

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