Video Editing: Sometimes it’s not Inconspicuous

Nike can regularly be counted upon to present compelling messages, particularly via video and TV. In their latest television debut, narrated by professional soccer player Megan Rapinoe, “You Can’t Stop Us” juxtaposes athletes from a variety of sports in creative split-screen actions that present a message of diversity and unity by converging different athletic moments into harmonized motions.

For those in the video production world, this uniquely features the least visible of the three most fundamental components of video storytelling: writing, directing and editing. Generally speaking, editing is not supposed to call attention to itself. It’s the inconspicuous power in the background, like the electricity that runs through a building. It enables what you see, but editing, like electricity, is intended to be unseen itself.

That’s thrown out the window in this video. The editing is front and center as the conspicuous storytelling element, energizing the message in a way that invokes attention while inspiring the viewer.

Like so much of big-brand advertising, this is not selling a specific product or service. Its job is to associate in our mind positive feelings about the sponsor and by that, not only stir our imagination but hopefully, inspire us to buy whatever the message-bearer is selling. The fact that big brands spend so much each year on this strategy is testament to its efficacy.

And to underscore the obvious: people like stories.

Nevertheless, for businesses that don’t spend multiple millions of dollars year after year to continually burnish their image, Nike’s example is still instructive. Can you present your products or services in a way that presents positive feelings among your potential buyers? Sometimes, any added cost can be negligible. For instance, when pertinent, viewer impact can be lifted by the simplicity of adding a little humor or even some quirky relation to the viewer.

More to the point: your business can benefit from the integration of storytelling.