Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Performance Testing

PPC,pay-per-click,online marketing,internet marketing1) How do you know if you are focusing your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies on the right keywords?
2) How do you know if you have the best headlines?
3) How do you determine the best offer for your product or service?
The answer is keyword research accompanied by TESTING, TESTING and more TESTING!
Of course there are a variety of ways to test keywords, to test headlines (and other copywriting points), as well as to test for the best offers.
You can certainly set up different pages that are focused on different sets of keywords, with different headlines, and different offers, and monitor key performance metrics, such as “visitors,” and “sales,” and compare them over time to see which perform the best and then continually refine their performance.
However, you can accomplish the same much faster using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.
A) Write different PPC ads using your best selected keywords.  Which keywords get more visitors to click on them?
B) Write PPC ads using different combinations of headlines with the best performing keywords.  Which headlines get clicked on the most?
C) Write your best offers on your landing pages for your product or service, which are in harmony with your PPC ads.  Which landing page offers convert the most visitors to sales?  (Click the following link for #1 Copywriting Tip for more information on writing offers.)
With your testing results in hand, you can use this information to refine your long-term SEO campaign. Obviously, you want to keep the winners and get rid of the losers.  But don’t stop there.  Then the game becomes establishing new tests to beat the current “winner” (more technically referred to as the “control” item).
Of course you can accomplish all the above over time using natural traffic, but that takes much longer to be statistically significant.  For relatively small amounts of expenditures, you can test keyword effectiveness and other important factors much faster, using pay-per-click advertising, before embarking on a long and involved strategic SEO process.
In essence you’re trading money for time, so that you can generate higher performance and profits.

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