The Two Biggest Barriers to Hiring an SEO Pro

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There are two barriers that complicate your attempt at finding an SEO professional for your needs.

SEO Hiring Barrier #1

Optimizing websites to improve search engine positioning is predicated upon understanding the ways that search engines utilize complex factors to determine which websites to rank higher. But the exact ways that such are accomplished is not only a highly guarded secret, it’s also continuously being refined and changed by the search engine companies.

Stated another way, the details of the best way to get SEO results for any given website are subject to some misunderstandings, not only among the individuals seeking to hire a professional for guidance, but even amongst SEO professionals themselves. Talk about an opportunity for “The blind leading the blind!”

Case in point: if an SEO professional seeks only to optimize technical factors on your website, without executing necessary offsite actions (such as inbound link building), then a significant portion of potential search ranking opportunity will be left wanting.

SEO Hiring Barrier #2

The reason most businesses are interested in engaging SEO services is to make more money. But there is a broad area between the “strategy” of how to use SEO effectively, and the “execution” of it.

Stated another way, you could potentially hire someone for economical rates to “execute” on-site SEO factors, but you may be missing the boat in terms of what is the best strategy to monetize the very site that you are attempting to improve.

SEO is a marketing channel, but there are SEO consultants who have no marketing background. In other words, you could potentially hire a highly competent technical practitioner who may sincerely execute an SEO campaign for you, but alas, you may see no increase in profits.

Do not fault such an SEO technician.

Such a person is a not a professional marketer.

Case in point: I recently spoke with a potential client who was interested in on-site SEO guidance to improve search ranking and to generate more money from the firm’s website. However, as this person was not a professional marketer, and was interested in keeping costs as low as possible, this person had pre-determined that money could be saved by optimizing only one component of the website. Unfortunately, this component had the least long-term potential for generating ongoing profit. The end result of such an arrangement would yield higher search rankings for the client for the determined area, but not the expected profits. And more to the point, not the return on investment that this businessperson was attempting to maximize.

BOTTOMLINE: There are not only misunderstandings among those tasked with hiring SEO professionals on what to expect, there are also varied perspectives among SEO’s on how to best achieve a given SEO goal. More specifically, because SEO encompasses the execution of many technical factors, the actual strategy of how to make money with SEO may be largely missed if the consultant is technically savvy, but has very little marketing expertise and experience.

What’s the Solution to the SEO Barriers?

It starts with you.

If you happen to be a seasoned and experienced marketer, including with SEO, but don’t have the resources to actually accomplish the necessary actions to achieve what you know needs to be done, then you don’t need to hire an SEO consultant for strategic profit making purposes at all. You simply need to outsource SEO execution. In other words, simply hire someone to put your strategy into practice.

On the other hand, if you are NOT confident about the best ways to use SEO to MAKE MONEY for your business and website, then you would be wise to seek and speak with an SEO professional who not only has experience establishing high search rankings, but whom is also an experienced Internet marketer with a focus on making money and improving your marketing ROI.

3 thoughts on “The Two Biggest Barriers to Hiring an SEO Pro”

  1. Don’t put your business at risk. There are many resources available online for you to study the process of internet marketing or SEO. It is true that there are lots of bogus, be wise.

  2. SEO can really give you much help in making your site more profitable or the other way around. I would suggest that if you are into online business and is determined to get wealth through it, you should learn the basics- both for the marketing strategies and the mentioned execution of SEO.

  3. ChaoticDissonance

    SEO is a powerful too. It’s worth looking into and utilizing. Takes a while to get used to and all since trends moves so quickly, so you need someone who can go just as quickly so you’re able to keep up.
    Someone with a keen vision for the future and what it holds is also something you should look for in a SEO expert.

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