When is 1+1 More than 2? When Combining TV with Internet Marketing

TV and Internet AdvertisingTV is still the easiest way to reach the largest audiences. But not everyone knows that TV commercials can be used on popular programs to reach small audiences.
In other words, TV ads can be placed on national programs and limited to those in your own zip code. And best of all, presenting commercials locally is very inexpensive.
Also known as Geo-targeting, this is an important benefit of Internet advertising.
From a business owner’s perspective, combining TV commercials with Internet marketing equates to more than double value:

1) Nowadays, a tremendous number of TV viewers are also simultaneously online with their laptop, computer tablet and/or smart phone. These TV viewers are searching for products and services online at the same time they see TV ads.

2) The click-ability of online ads allows immediate interaction and purchasing.

3) Online video ads are still less expensive than TV ads.

4) Online ads offer an inexpensive and fast way to test and compare ad concepts. The resulting best ads are the ones to show on TV. (More info further below).

A potential new customer sees your 30 second commercial while watching VH1, FX, A&E, the History Channel, TNT, USA, or any other of the multitudes of cable networks. (To that viewer, your commercial is being shown along with national TV commercials that are also placed on their favorite shows.)
The viewer goes online and finds the same TV commercial, or a longer version, which provides even more information about your product or service.
The experience of seeing your product or service on TV and online establishes greater awareness and familiarity and more willingness to buy. And of course, they can click the video (or other ad) for a coupon, or gift certificate, to bring into your business. Or, if you provide a product that can be purchased online, they can buy it immediately.
The point here is to strategically use local TV advertising to drive traffic to your online videos and website for more powerful and effective marketing.

George Alger is the Principal of Skyworks Marketing, a digital advertising agency specializing in TV, Video and Internet marketing. Contact George, via http://SkyworksMarketing.com/contact


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