The Age of Facebook

Like it or not, Facebook has mushroomed into the rarefied heights of the few largest and most visited websites in the world.  Whether one may view Facebook as a cancer propagating the trivialization of privacy and personal data; an efficient way to maintain connections among friends and family; a 21st century social media phenomena; or a fad; one thing that is not debatable is that Facebook is popular.  And more vitally, it is still growing.

Michael Arrington at Techcrunch posted “The Age of Facebook” today and, among other things noted “The fact is that Facebook is permeating the Web.”

More vital to marketers is how Facebook can help connect businesses to potential customers and clients.  Facebook has more demographic information available to advertisers than, for example, Google’s AdWords.

Facebook provides rich demographic data about their users, which is a goldmine for marketers, such as:

  • Likes and Interests
  • Geography
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Single or Married
  • Education Level

Furthermore, you can pay-per-click, to get your message out, or you can pay-per-impression to place your products and services in front of the prospects most likely to be interested in your offerings.

Of course there is the whole social media marketing aspect available, as well, which Facebook is much more widely known for.  (See Social Media Chocolate Strategy for integrating Facebook with other social media platforms.)

The point for marketers is simple: If you haven’t tested the Facebook advertising platform yet, the earlier you do so, the less it will cost, because we can be sure that advertising costs for Facebook will go the same route as Adwords, which has resulted in rocketing ad rates, compared to the Adwords rates of several years ago.  And it’s worth emphasizing that I’m referring to “Facebook Ads” and not Facebook as a marketing channel via their social media platform, which, although is effective for some businesses, is not universally as effective and as measurable as direct advertising.

Whether you utilize Facebook as a personal social media platform, or not, it is certainly an advertising platform that is worthy of your testing.

4 thoughts on “The Age of Facebook”

  1. Wow. I never saw facebook beyond it’s social networking potential. But not anymore!
    A friend of mine recommended I open a fan page or community whatever it is, dear me can’t for the life of me figure out those terms just yet, if I venture off into self publishing. I’m looking into writing and reading up about internet marketing.
    As I expected… It’s not simple at all.
    However your blogs about them are quite simple and so easy to understand compared to most so I’m not exactly having a hard time.
    The implications of the fan page idea are starting to rush in right no. I just thought of it as a way to connect with people.
    I get scared of the idea of self promotion because I’m a naturally shy person. The net has provided a safety barrier for me to interact so I’m a little more chatty online. I think it shows. So I’ll take the whole facebook thing then. It looks like it works.

  2. I would agree, Facebook is like a cancer which spreads the disease in a rapid manner. Also, it is a fact that this application is very beneficial to the entrepreneurs managing a business online. With the strong marketing it can provide you are sure that your business can go no wrong. Additionally, Facebook gives you appropriate information of the user itself, thus, you can reach the right people with the correct products.

  3. If regular individuals can take advantage of social networking sites to promote their intentions, such as fame and fortune, why not businesses?
    Indeed, facebook has gone a long way from it’s formerly popular predecessors like myspace and friendster, though these ‘predecessors’ still hold a stable userbase, FB is definitely the talk of the town.
    I’ve been planning an event lately and I’m using FB to advertise it. So far so good. Viral advertising is definitely the way to go.
    Unless you pay for the ads, it’s for free and you’re actually piggybacking on the huge accessible network, which you can tap according to the ‘traits’ you’re out for.
    I’m more inclined towards the whole advertising for events and press releases sort than the actual big bucks of social networking. At any rate, the article proved to be quite enlightening in that aspect.

  4. Geoffrey Andersen

    Yes, Facebook is indeed a great way to post your advertisements. It is a social networking which grew so fast and you’re right, each person who wants to do online business must start posting ads now. In a snap of a finger from a cost of a dime advertisement, it may increase to up to a hundred per ad. So, seize the moment now!

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