The Problem with Google Video Partners for Google Ads

Google owns YouTube. And YouTube is the biggest video hub on our planet. And of course, Google makes money by showing ads. Hence, all the ads you see on YouTube are Google Video Ads.

But Google shows ads and video ads in other places, too.

Google calls those other places “partners.”

Google video partners … Read the rest

YouTube Video Advertising Formats Explained – Different Types of YouTube Ads

YouTube has a number of video advertising options. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. Some have intuitive applications, such as Outstream Ads which are specifically for mobile. Ad Sequence videos are unique in that you can show a predetermined series of ads to individual viewers in the order that you define.

Others have length … Read the rest

YouTube vs TV: Business Promotion with Gordon Ramsay

For some business owners, particularly those who may be new to video, there’s a certain formality they may ascribe to the medium, even though YouTube is famous as an informal media — as well as everything else. That’s not to suggest that informality is, or is not, the best way to present your brand … Read the rest