Colonial Penn

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE. Service promo video. Created with stock photos, simple titles, motion graphics and visual effects. The featured effect is adding motion to the still photos.… Read the rest

Matilda Jane Clothing

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Social media product video with still photos. Features animated accent elements (falling confetti) to highlight the festive motif. The original version was square for social media feeds.… Read the rest


15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Features live-action video, voice-over, motion graphics, visual effects (VFX), and stock music. High-energy pace intended to engage viewer interest.… Read the rest


15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Product demonstration video to encourage free trial. The concept was to inspire consumer interest by showing the product in action.… Read the rest

Sage Intacct

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE. Social media promo message using stock video and stock music. Green wash to support green logo. High impact titles and motion graphics for viewers who do not have sound enabled.… Read the rest

Java Grill

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: This social media video contrasts a youthful, high-energy dancing experience versus the relaxed and personal charm of the coffee bar.… Read the rest

Visit Dallas

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Social media travel video. Features motion graphics and repetitive “reversal” effect to help message stand out. … Read the rest

Tijuana Flats

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Social media video. Features motion graphics of titles, as well as accent elements surrounding products for emphasis. Additionally, visual effects added, such as brief flashes of “glow” and “brightening” in … Read the rest

Visit Korea

60sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Social media promo video to encourage South Korean tourism. Features stock music, motion graphic titles, stock video and visual effects (VFX).… Read the rest

Lara Croft

15sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Animated mobile-device ad for video game. Features motion graphics titles. The original version was presented in a vertical format for social media.… Read the rest