Split-Testing: What is it? Where to Start?

In the marketing and advertising world, the terms Split-Testing, A/B Testing, or just the word Testing describe the process of finding out what type of messaging generates the best response for your product or service from your specific buyers.

This is how marketing and advertising campaigns are made profitable and then made even … Read the rest

Consumer Purchase Decisions: The “Messy Middle”

How do you make purchase decisions?

It may be similar to others, even if it’s not an identical process.

Surely, you’ll use the internet for research. You may look up articles, user reviews, product or service comparisons and visit brand websites. You may find useful info on shopping platforms and perhaps recommendations on social … Read the rest

Why Advertising Won’t Work for You

If you’re wondering if advertising will work for your company or not, the most probable answer is “no.” Why?

When considering that the amount of money spent on global advertising is projected to hit another all-time high (see chart above), advertising must be working for a number of businesses, otherwise, they wouldn’t keep … Read the rest

YouTube Reach Planner for Media Purchase Forecasting

“Ad reach” is an estimate of the number of people within a location target, based on signed-in users.

“Reach Planner” is a Google Ads tool designed to help advertisers plan their reach-based video campaigns across YouTube and video partner sites and apps.

Reach Planner’s data is based on Google’s Unique Reach methodology, validated with … Read the rest

Should You Create an Infomercial for Your Product?


After 1984, when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) eliminated regulations to govern the commercial content of television, infomercials began to proliferate the late-night airwaves because they were cheap to broadcast and proved to be a highly profitable media, selling anything that could be easily shipped.

In fact, infomercials became so profitable that more and more … Read the rest

“How to Make a Video Ad (the easy way)”

Years ago I went to a writing seminar. I don’t recall anything about that seminar except the joke the speaker used to open his presentation. He quipped that attendees often want to know, “What’s the secret to becoming a best-selling author?” His answer: “Write a best-selling book.”

He got a good laugh from the … Read the rest

Product Deep Dive: The New Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 is released and it’s built upon machine learning and the customer journey, which means it facilitates analysis across multiple platforms and devices.

The idea is that by applying Google’s machine learning models, this new Google Analytics will automatically alert users to important data trends. An example could be highlighting a rising … Read the rest