US Navy

30sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Features stock video, motion graphics, accent elements, stock music, exaggerated colors, simple message and an accelerated pace intended to amplify action.… Read the rest

Closer School

30sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Talking-head teaser video. Features repetition of key messaging, further accentuated with titles, sound effects, motion graphics, audio effects and subtle visual effects.… Read the rest

Quest of the Keys

30sec VIDEO EXAMPLE. Web and social media promo video. Created with still photos and a custom music composition. Features visual effects (VFX) and motion graphics. High-impact titles convey the message.… Read the rest


30sec VIDEO EXAMPLE. Animated video ad intended to convey a new online personal sales app via simplicity. The idea was to convey the concept of getting rid of unwanted personal items via a user’s phone while highlighting the analogy of a “yard sale.” The final client version did not include the 3 seconds … Read the rest

Call 211

30sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Features stock video, stock graphics, motion graphics and stock music. Primary message (“Call 211”) visible most of the time. Supporting messages visible for less time. … Read the rest

Free Society

30sec VIDEO EXAMPLE: Features custom music, motion graphics and visual effects (VFX). The primary stock video clip was altered to conform with the mood of the message, which is primarily driven by text for social media.… Read the rest