What Is The Marketing Purpose of Social Media?

Social media can be simply for fun. Connecting up with old friends via Facebook, creating/viewing videos on YouTube, posting/sharing photos on Flickr and taking advantage of any of the many other social media networks can be entertaining, educational, and stimulating. (Conversely, social media time wasting would be a reason to stay away from it all….)
However, from a marketing perspective, there is another purpose that needs to be considered.
Used strategically, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are media channels to drive connections to a more meaningful place of content: your blog and/or your website to read an article, to find out more about a topic, to sign up for a newsletter, or to download some relevant content.
In other words, from a strategic marketing perspective, social media represents additional ways to engage potential customers and clients for the purpose of leveraging your promotional reach, nurturing relationships and providing value.
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