SEO Link Evaluation Factors

seomozA vital component of search engine optimization revolves around links: especially establishing inbound links. (See Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle for more info).

Rand Fishkin as SEOmoz has put together a compendium of factors related to the relative valuation of links: 17 Ways Search Engines Judge the Value of a Link.

Here are the points covered:

1) Internal vs. External
2) Anchor Text
3) PageRank
4) TrustRank
5) Domain Authority
6) Diversity of Sources
7) Uniqueness of Source + Target
8) Location on the Page
9) Topical Relevance
10) Content & Context Assessment
11) Geographic Location
12) Use of Rel=”Nofollow”
13) Link Type
14) Other Link Targets on the Source Page
15) Domain, Page & Link-Specific Penalties
16) Content/Embed Patterns
17) Temporal / Historical Data

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