SEO B2B Marketing Leads: Quantity vs. Quality


Like all lead-generation strategies, determining quantity vs. quality is an ongoing balancing act and one that is related to Marketing Speed vs. Marketing Investment.
MarketingSherpa recently released the chart above that highlights the subject of quantity vs. quality in terms of leads, and search engine optimization surfaced as the channel generating the most promising results.
According to MarketingSherpa, “Marketers were asked to rate the quantity and quality of leads generated for each of the search tactics listed at the bottom of each column using the scale shown to the right of the chart. The total percentage of each column reflects those who are using that tactic. For example, 71% of respondents use ‘Search engine optimization’. The remaining 29% do not use this tactic.”
Cranking out a higher quantity of leads can be established by increasing PPC advertising expenditures and increasing search engine optimization efforts, especially link-building. But tuning the quality of leads can be a little trickier while pushing quantity, since some practical ways to increase quality include conveying more restrictions in your advertising and/or on your web pages – which reduces quantity.
So, in essence, quantity and quality can seem like opposite ends of the same seesaw with one end going up and down opposite the other end.
Regardless of whether you are after more quantity, better quality, or some combination of the two, SEO should be part of your marketing efforts to accomplish your online lead generation goals.

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