SEO Basics and Case Studies

seomozThere is a lot that can be learned about search engine marketing (SEO). And although one could make a lifetime commitment to becoming immersed in all manner of developments in the game of SEO, the fundamentals of any subject, including SEO, bear often repeating. On that note, Rand Fishkin (SEOMoz) has provided a useful, albeit simple, SEO overview of several websites.
A sidelight of these critiques is that the sites are developed by search engine insiders and one might presume (rightly or wrongly) that such developers are privy to SEO insights not readily apparent to mere mortals. Regardless, the case studies emphasize SEO “basics” and reflect a notion that insiders emphasize similar SEO fundamentals as would be expected of non-insiders.
A few of the basic noted in the reviews include use of titles, navigation, linking, meta descriptions, page structure and content.
Click the following link to review the case studies: Do Former Search Engine Insiders Make Great SEOs?

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