SEO as a Supporting Marketing Channel is one of my favorite SEO blogs. Here’s an excerpt that articulates part of the core strategy of

On, we’ve been writing a lot about the intersection between SEO with related fields such as marketing, PR, advertising and business strategy.
This is the way SEO is going. SEO is being integrated into other forms of promotion. Without undertaking such promotion, ranking will be that much harder, especially in crowded niches.
Ranking signals have traditionally been about links, however code tweaking and link begging is fast becoming a marginal activity. Ranking signals in the future will be about attention.
Those who command the most attention, win.

In the same way that traditional media has been (and still is) a multivariate way of garnering attention, so, too, is SEO. And in the game of gaining popularity to place quality products and services in front of the most people that would be interested in the same, it’s hard to imagine SEO not being a central strategy, even if the rules evolve about how the game is played.

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