Scientific Advertising: Testing, Testing and Testing

advertising,marketingYes, I’m biased about the efficacy of a direct mail background as a powerful foundation for any direct response marketing endeavors.  Having spent some years developing, executing, testing and refining direct mail campaigns, I have developed a deep respect for cost-accountable marketing precision. However, such discipline is not at all new with the advent of electronic spreadsheets and the Internet. It was well popularized by Claude Hopkins himself back in his 1923 book, Scientific Advertising.
Claude C. Hopkins (1866-1932) was one of the great marketing pioneers.  He believed advertising existed only to sell something and that is should be measurable.  He considered that advertising dollars needed to justify their expenditure.  (To this day, such is not always a widely held belief within advertising firms).
Here is what Mr. Hopkins had to say about direct mail and testing:

Mail order advertising is traced down to the fraction of a penny. The cost per reply and cost per dollar of sale show up with utter exactness.
One ad is compared with another, one method with another. Headlines, settings, sizes, arguments and pictures are compared. To reduce the cost of results even one percent means much in some mail order advertising. So no guesswork is permitted. One must know what is best. Thus mail order advertising first established many of our basic laws.
Scientific Advertising, by Claude C. Hopkins, 1923

Testing all aspects of any direct response campaign can reflect the sole difference between a profitable business and an unprofitable enterprise. And for a marketing campaign that is doing well, adequate testing of every potential element leading into and along the sales funnel reaps golden rewards.
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