What's the Best Length for an Internet Video?

video,video marketing,internet marketing,online marketingQuestion: Since videos can be published online of any length (even if broken into a series of segments), what would be the best length for a self-created video?

Answer: It depends on the purpose of the video and who it’s for.  The following are guidelines and you could find exceptions for each.

1) “Introductory Videos” are short: 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and no more than 4 minutes. If you want to expose a brief message to as many potential viewers as possible, who do not otherwise know you, the shorter the better. Anytime someone clicks on a video they are making a small time commitment and a shorter video just makes it easier for someone to make that decision. If they like what they see, then they may be more inclined to watch a longer video from the same creator.

2) “Content Videos” or marketing videos should be less than 10 min. These are videos that have good info and can even be condensed highlights from longer videos. They have the potential for being passed along to others should the content be valuable, interesting and/or entertaining.

3) “Training Videos” can be any length. Training, or educational videos could include how to use a specific software, or how to perform maintenance on an engine, or how to use a specific camera, or anything you can imagine. These could even be complete seminars. However, the longer a video is, the less likely it would gain traction as a property that gets passed along broadly (although anything can happen on the Internet). In other words, if a 3 hour presentation could be edited down to less than 30 min, it would generate more views. However, given a valuable enough seminar, there would still be a smaller amount of viewers who would watch the entire 3 hours.

Of course, regardless of how long or short the video is, you might as well increase its chance of gaining viewers by incorporating the 6 Ways to Optimize Your Videos for Maximum Search Impact.


6 thoughts on “What's the Best Length for an Internet Video?”

  1. Technology really works so fast. Videos are now integrated in almost everything. Like what was mentioned above, content spells the difference as to which will be watched by the viewer. Thank you.

  2. Geoffrey Andersen

    Videos can be an additional tool in promoting your sites or products. Regardless of the length, majority of the customers are more inclined to its content. They can afford to sit and watch you all day when it’s informative and immediately eliminate your 30 second video when it seems to be lousy and misdirecting.

  3. Hi again. I’ve been browsing through your blog for advertising and online marketing tips and I must say they’ve been most helpful.
    I’ve been looking into maximizing the potential of viral marketing and video happens to be one of those options I’m looking into.
    I usually refer to the competitors and see what they offer, then try to give something else better, within our given set of parameters.
    This will be the first event I’m helping out that’ll use video and length is such a concern for me.
    All I really knew was ‘keep it short and simple and flashy. Especially flashy. You need to keep a lasting impression on your potential audience.
    Thanks so much for the share. Very much appreciated.

  4. I once participated in an ad for an internet company and noticed that what they did was go for short and eye catching Yes, the sort that leaves an impression. They were doing some kind of hype commercial for their product then.
    I also got some free products after. 🙂
    Unless you’re using top bill actors or features on your video, people really won’t pay much attention to the ‘regular person’ ad so you have to go an extra mile to establish interest and relation so they can turn their head and consider.

  5. HallowedCacophony

    Right amount of length?
    As much as you need. But don’t go beyond what you feel you’d like to watch yourself. If you’re not enjoying the length, everyone else probably want.
    If at a loss, consider asking a test audience so you can tweak in time for the deadline/debut.

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