Reverse Banner Ad Tactic

Reverse Banner Ad TacticWhen considering opportunities by way of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, I’ve been asked if banner ads still “work.” In other words, are they an advertising media worth testing?
Since you and I and most everyone else instinctively ignore banner ads, the notion that they would be irrelevant is understandable.
Historically, banner ads were more effective as an ad media from 1994 until the turn of the century when their valuations crashed. Out of that wreckage emerged a model of highly-targeted, small advertisements that are displayed on search results pages (as well as content pages) with related keywords. These online classified ads have been made most famous by Google’s Adwords program, which is Google’s main source of revenue and which has fueled the big G’s rise to online planetary prominence. (Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter are two of the other larger PPC programs).
However, banner ads still exist, even though the percentage of people who click on them is very small, on average, less than 1/4 of 1%.
One way to take advantage of this low click-through rate is to intentionally create banner ads with copywriting that will further diminish the likelihood that they will be clicked. One example could be advertising a high price.
The net effect would be that the banner ad is displayed for a longer period of time (if it’s on a cost per click basis as opposed to cost per impression). This can be leveraged to raise awareness about your product/service. Further, for those few that do click the ad that displays a high price, there may be a higher likelihood that they are a quality prospect.
Click this Online Advertisement Comparison to see a chart that indicates that 11% or less of marketers may be using this tactic.
In short, intentionally creating banner ad images that will not be clicked can establish greater brand awareness in the mind space of your potential customers, over time.
Regardless, like all other elements of direct response marketing, such a reverse banner ad tactic should be tested for your particular product/service and your specific buyers.

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