You Need a Professional WordPress Blog

wordpressHaving your own professional WordPress blog is an important part of your online business. A blog can bring you more visitors than a regular website and it facilitates two-way communication with your visitors.
Not sure what a blog is? Click What Is A Blog for a simple overview and to learn a little about how they can help generate more traffic for you.
Although there are totally free blogging platforms, such as and, a professional blog with your own website name is the best way to present yourself to the world. and are hosted on their own computers, which means you don’t need to download any software or buy your own website name. That’s the good news.  However, in these examples, the website name you would have would also include their website name, such as, which is not very professional.
The good news is that WordPress has an additional way to use their service – and it’s also free! Well, at least the software is free. The free software available at (note the “.org” to differentiate it from their “.com” service) is the best professional blogging platform available and you would use your own website name.
However, the downside is that there’s a separate blogging database to install, which is necessary for the WordPress software to operate. Installing the database and software is not terribly difficult, but if you’re not accustomed to this kind of stuff, it’s something else to learn. On the other hand, some website hosting services will walk you through the installation so it can be accomplished pretty easily.
Furthermore, although the WordPress software and database are free, you will need to spend some money for two additional things, which, all together, result in the least expensive promotional media available:
a) A website name costs less than $10.00/yr
b) A web hosting service cost less than $10/month (where the software and database exist on the Internet)

Also, some hosting services combine both of these items into one service.  In other words, you pay for monthly hosting and they give you a website name at no cost.
By the way, if you want to see how a blog fits into an online business, click Outline for Generating an Online Business and see point 3 for more info.

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