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Press Releases for Search Engine posted an article on How to Write Effective Press Releases That Help SEO.  Getting your name out through traditional media and generating inbound links through press releases is not a new one, but it’s certainly worth gaining additional insight for the purpose of increasing this channel’s effectiveness.
The entire post (and comments) are a worthy read and here are a few excerpts:

“Get to the point. Make it clear from the get-go what your release is about. Don’t try to be cute.”
“Avoid unnecessary adjectives; most adjectives are unneeded. You don’t want your release to read like an advertisement. Pick out the newsiest element and concentrate on that.”
“A lot of what you see, read and hear from the national outlets originates from the smaller ones. So, if you have an interesting story you can get published in even a tiny local newspaper, this could happen: A writer working in a regional AP office decides to rewrite it and put it on the wire, that story generates enough interest that it’s promoted to the national AP wire, and the story winds up going everywhere (hopefully with a link attached to it). That may seem unlikely, but it happened to me sometimes with stories I never thought had national interest.”
“Send it out manually. Instead of just dumping your releases into submission sites and hoping someone important notices, email it yourself to media outlets and bloggers you think might be interested in it.”

However, in response to a question, here is some advice regarding

“I think PRWeb provides some value SEO-wise, especially if you pay extra to use your own anchor text. (I’ve never used RushPRNews). Whether the value is worth what you pay is your call. Even more valuable is getting links from established news sites and blogs.”

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