Online Advertisement Comparison

Today, Marketing Sherpa published this chart: Every Ad Has A Purpose—A Look At Strategy vs. Online Ad Tactic.
Online Advertising Strategy
The data for the chart was based upon a survey of “a few hundred online advertisers” regarding advertising strategies and tactics.
Some basic conclusions that can be gleaned by looking at the top and bottom rows are that:

“Users of non-standard, attention-getting ads are most likely to be marketers focused on brand awareness, while PPC search ad buyers are most likely to be focused on lead generation or direct sales.”

The bottom row lends some insight to the number of marketers that may be using the Reverse Banner Ad Tactic: 5% for “Brand Consideration/Education” and 6% for “Brand Awareness” for a potential total of 11% of marketers using PPC for the opposite of its primary purpose of lead generation and direct sales.
Following is some additional elaboration of the row descriptions:
Non-standard ads: Interstitials, floating, peel-backs

Non-Interactive Banner Ads
: 1-click URL, no multimedia
Sponsorships, including co-branded content
Pop-Ups and pop-unders
Small Display Ads, such as buttons or tiles
Highly Interactive Display Advertising
Contextual Ads: Adsense, Content Match, etc.
PPC Search Ads: Google, Yahoo, MSN

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