How To Get More Readers To Your Blog

blog,blogging,trafficIf you’re writing a blog, you want readers. And of course, the more the merrier. So, how do you get them? The simple answer revolves around the question, “How many readers do you want?”
Literally “any” amount of traffic can be driven to your blog almost immediately – it just costs money. By using pay-per-click advertising, or online lead generation, or for that matter, any of the Ten Lead Generation Models, lots of traffic can be sent to your blog.
But a more important question is, “What’s it going to take to get those first-time readers back again?” Even with a large advertising budget, if you have to pay for each visitor to come only one time, then your costs may very well outpace your profits.
But what if you don’t have a large advertising budget?
Heck, for that matter, what if you only have a small budget?

Quality of Content

Regardless, even with “no” budget at all, an answer to what it takes to get visitors to become repeat readers can be summed up by analyzing your own interaction with all the blogs you come in contact with as compared to the ones you continue to keep reading. What drives “you” to return to some of those blogs and not others?
The details will vary from person to person, but the underlying answer is the same:  Quality of content.
Which begs the question, just how good is YOUR content?
If the content you are providing is “unique” and “valuable” enough, readers will return.  But before you assert that what you are writing is truly unique, you must really confront how valuable it is, from the perspective of your visitors.
Unless you are a celebrity, or known as an expert in a particular field, if you are simply writing about yourself and/or your views on a subject, that may not be “valuable” enough – especially if there are lots of others doing the same.
So, what if you are not a celebrity, or a well-known expert in an area, does that mean you shouldn’t blog?
In a word, “No.”
As noted in Content Creation and The Trust Factor:

“No one else has your viewpoint, your humor, and your personality, which includes the way you present things.”

Having said that, you still need something to present, that people want to know about.
So, if you can use your unique voice to convey things that potential readers want to know about, then you’re at least on the path to developing an expanding readership.

Successful Blog Fundamentals:

Here are a few additional fundamentals:
♦ Your blog needs to revolve around a defined subject that people want to know about.
♦ If you are also able to publish new and/or unique research about that subject, that’s one way to grab readers.
♦ Or, if you know your subject so well, so that you can provide an ongoing and updated industry perspective, that’s another way to keep interested readers.
♦ The preceding points are easier to identify and articulate.  But if you are able to exercise your knowledge, creativity, and experience to provide something else that is desired by those interested in the subject of your blog, that could be a powerful magnet for increased readers.  Although the following is by no means a complete list, such material could include:

  • an online tool, or
  • downloadable software, or
  • a remarkable video, or
  • compelling survey results, or
  • ANYTHING at all that would be valuable to your readers and potential readers.

♦ For most successful blogs, there is also a quantitative factor, in addition to the qualitative ones. You will need enough content (read “lots”) to engage your readers on a repetitive basis, and to establish your blog as a resource for your readers. As a general rule of thumb, it could be stated that your blog hasn’t really gotten itself established until there have been 100 posts published. (NOTE: There are exceptions….) Additionally, the more content that your blog has, the more reasons search engines have to bring it traffic.
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