How Well Do You Know Your Keywords?

website,SEO,keywordsAlthough keywords are fundamental to a successful website that takes advantage of natural search engine traffic, it’s easy to overlook the value and scope of their importance.
I say “easy” because it’s not unusual to consider that one knows the core keywords for their industry or market so well, that it doesn’t deserve much inspection.
And it is probably true that most marketing executives or small business owners are quite cognizant of the core keywords of their market segment.

Which Keywords Drive Your Traffic?

But when you consider that the majority of a website’s “buying” traffic usually comes from secondary keywords and especially tertiary keywords, it’s quite possible that even an expert in a given field will not be aware of all the pertinent queries that searchers use to find products, services and information that might be on your own site. In other words, your site may be missing the benefit of perfectly suitable visitors who are buying products that you have, because search engines have not identified such keywords on your site.

Keyword Examples

For example, if you are selling cameras, you would probably have keyword rich pages for “cameras,” “digital cameras,” “camera reviews” and “camera accessories.”
And you would most certainly have the main camera brands as secondary keyword-rich pages, including “Canon cameras,” “Nikon cameras” and even “used cameras.”
However, what if you didn’t have online pages that provided keyword-specific content for users searching for the following? “Digital cameras under 200 dollars,” or “best camera for a teenager,” or “inexpensive underwater camera housing” or “fast shipping for Canon Rebel.”
Even an experienced marketing manager for a camera chain may not be aware of all the less used search terms. But in case it was not obvious in those last examples, those search terms are also indicative of someone getting ready to buy. Whereas someone searching for “digital cameras” is more than likely simply looking for general information, which means they are early in their research process as opposed to ready to spend money.

Keyword Research

The point is that no matter how knowledgeable one may be about their products or services, keyword research is a worthy endeavor for anyone looking to raise their website pages in the rankings of search engines.
Don’t be surprised that by researching keywords related to your business that you find some high-value search queries that would be specifically targeted for your business, if only you would include some pertinent content and engage in additional aspects of search engine optimization.
The bottom line is that good keyword research results in more sales and profit for your business.
Click here for some free keyword research tools and see what you find out about your products or services.

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