Intro to AdWords (Part 1): Buying Traffic

AdWords-logoAdWords is what makes Google rich. However, used effectively, AdWords, as an online pay per click advertising system, can generate leads and sales and in that way also make some business owners rich.

Conversely, you can also lose money through these little advertisements that are somewhat akin to online classified ads, which show up along search results (or within websites and blogs). In fact, it’s likely that when you start using AdWords to drive traffic to your website that you will lose money – at least in the beginning.

AdWords is Google’s main source of revenue, which is a testament to its popularity to advertisers around the world. And its popularity is a result of a profitable fact: It works.

And by “works,” what I mean is that you can readily drive traffic to your website. And you only need to pay for those visitors who click on an ad to arrive on your website.

Therein lies the simple elegance of AdWords: You pay for targeted traffic. Not only that, you choose the targeting of the ads by way of the selection of keywords.

If you are selling digital cameras, you can create ads that show up when web searchers enter the term “digital cameras” into Google’s search engine. If the ads are compelling enough, visitors will click on the ads and arrive on your site.

Furthermore, you can influence how high your ad is positioned on the search results page by bidding a higher amount to display your ad than your competitors. In reality, there is more to this than just how much you pay (such as how effective your ad and landing page are), but the bidding does serve as an important factor determining the position of your ad.

There is more to know about AdWords as an advertising media to drive traffic to your website.  This is the first part of what will be a several part series on using AdWords to successfully increase your online profits.

Click here to view the current Introduction to Google Adwords series, and check back to see more as the series continues to expand.

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