Internal Linking

Internal LinkingSince not all the content on your site has equal value, one simple way to establish greater authority for any given page(s) on your website is to create your own additional internal links that point to those pages.
Although that value can develop naturally over time as incoming links from external sites begin to point to your more important pages, you can give those same important pages an advantage by indicating to the search engines, as well as visitors, which pages are more important, by simply creating internal links (within your own site), that point to those pages.
For example, let’s say you are selling vitamins. Although your website may have many pages on all kinds of vitamins, if you have determined that a handful of all those offerings are more popular and/or more profitable, then by creating more internal links that point to those pages, you are increasing the importance of those pages within your own site, which can help make them more visible externally, as well.
As another example, here is an internal link to Driving Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle. That post has greater overall interest to a larger audience, than this post, and it also has a training video that makes it more valuable. However, the subject matter is related. So, by directing visitors to that post with an internal link, I’m indicating to search engines and to visitors that there is a more important page to serve up to searchers.

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