How Long Will It Take to See SEO Results?

SEOThe great advantage of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is that the results are nearly instantaneous.
You can engage in a PPC campaign in the morning and refine the campaign based on stats in the afternoon. You can know very quickly if you are making more money than you’re spending – or vice versa.
As long as you are making money, all is wonderful. But, it would not be unusual to find that you begin a PPC campaign by losing money and will need to burn through some amount of cash in the testing and refinement process to determine if you really can make money or not, with PPC, for your given product/service and market.
Of course the irresistible allure of generating traffic via search engine optimization (SEO) is that you don’t have to buy the traffic at all. And the downside to SEO is that the results are not as immediate and not as exactly quantifiable.

Two Primary Criteria for Estimating SEO Results

1) Competitiveness of the Market
2) Age of the Domain
If the market is really competitive, then it can take a while before satisfying results are realized. On the other hand, if you are optimizing a website for a specialized niche market with nominal competition, then it is much easier to push a website up the search rankings.
An older domain has more search authority than a new one, so if you are working with a brand new domain, you’ve got a tougher battle ahead of you. When dealing with a brand new domain, it may take at least three months, but often closer to six to nine months, to gain the necessary “trust” for rankings for broad competitive terms. With a more established domain, you should start seeing results much faster.
Further, if you are optimizing a website for a brand name that is well established in an industry, then the opportunities for higher rankings will be more readily translated at a faster rate.
The main point to respect is that SEO is not as immediately satisfying as PPC, in terms of results, and it’s difficult to accurately assess how quickly SEO work can be translated into profit. However, the advantage is that once your traffic increases as a result of your SEO activities, the traffic continues. And of course with PPC, your traffic only continues while you’re paying for it.
In an ideal world, you would incorporate both an SEO and a PPC strategy into your marketing efforts.

6 thoughts on “How Long Will It Take to See SEO Results?”

  1. The only place where traffic is good is in the internet! Utilization of SEO ascended so high. And yes, though it will never give you an immediate feedback, once you get hold of it – it’s yours for the longest time.

  2. Hey man. I’m also into freelancing too. But I’m just doing it as a hobby. Not doing it long term. Just doing it when the need arises. Always feels nice to have some extra after all.
    I also ask myself that too. But I really try not to too think so hard about it though.
    At least I feel good knowing I get paid to help some business out there to get a good start or something, advertise or whatever. It’s nice.
    Though as far as linkbuilding is concerned, it takes time and luck too. I think.
    As far as I’m concerned/my experiences go that is!

  3. HallowedCacophony

    I’m a freelancer by nature and I’ve managed to dabble in all sorts of work as of late, including PPC and other SEO methods like article writing and keywords.
    But only as a service provider but not the big boss honcho sort who runs the business.
    I’ve always wanted to ask, to know what happens to all the work I do? How do I know that it was worth it in the end?
    Though I usually try to push that back at the back of my mind and just focus on getting the job done, I can’t help it anyway.
    Reading this blog really helped me see the ‘results’ to an extent. Thanks. Good work here guys.

  4. Hi Hallowed. Like you, I’m also wondering, “Why are there people paying for jobs like these?” But it’s good though. We are facing the ordeal of recession and it’s great to know that there are still available works online wherein the only thing an employee needed is a high-speed internet and skills in writing and analytics.

  5. John the Sign Guy

    I’ve gone the PPC route with both overture and adwords. The results with adwords after running 7 different ads were less than promising. It’s easy to burn up $100 in an hour or less without any ROI. I just reworked my site last week and so far no dramatic signs of improvement. I guess I’ll give it a month or two and see what happens.

  6. SEO success depends on know how, hard work, dedication, and patience.
    Many times results takes weeks, or even months to come. It all depends on
    how competitive our market is.

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