How to be Hated via Email In One Easy Lesson

How To Be Hated Via EmailSpam. Minimally, it’s a nuisance (albeit a never-ending one).
At times when you may already be frustrated from having too much to accomplish with too little time, spam can provoke anger when you’ve discovered that you inadvertently deleted an important message among all the spam you were dumping.
And too much of that can lead to hatred.
Which is why you rarely see a notable or respectable brand promoted through spam.
Responsible marketers do not spam. We establish email lists through permission-based marketing efforts that also allow subscribers to unsubscribe at their convenience.
OK, that sets up the good guys and the bad guys wearing white hats and black hats in the world of email marketing. But are there any gray hats?
Well, when you entertain the notion of renting or purchasing email lists instead of building your own, it’s difficult to be exactly sure what you are getting for your money.
Since the company that is providing the list is in the business of obtaining as many names as possible, while renting or selling them to as many businesses as possible, their interests are not in harmony with yours: Ensuring that your message gets to individuals who want it, and converting them to customers. (And for many marketers, doing so without damaging their brand’s reputation).
Should your list provider relax their standards for email acquisition, they could be setting you up as a spammer, without you realizing it.
For more insight on the subject, check out these ClickZ articles on purchasing and renting email lists:
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This is not to suggest that renting or buying a professional, targeted, opt-in email list cannot be done, but it’s your business reputation that is at risk (and such a list would not likely be an inexpensive one).
Just keep in mind how much you and I hate spam….

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