What Are YOU Giving Away For FREE?

marketingStated another way, “How much potential business are you turning away every single day by not maximizing what value you give away?”
Because you are so busy with life, family, business, social activities and learning more about Internet marketing, it’s easy to lose sight of some of the basics of using a website to help you make money.
Let’s say you’ve created an Internet marketing engine to drive traffic to your website:

  • You’ve got a blog
  • You’re adding new content to your blog every day
  • You’ve got a professional email service pushing visitors to your site on auto-pilot
  • You’re using photos, and graphics
  • You’re optimizing the photos and graphics to generate traffic for your site
  • You’re using video
  • You’re creating a series of videos and optimizing them to generate traffic to your site
  • You’re taking advantage of local search opportunities
  • You’re using social media to drive traffic to your website
  • You’re delivering great products/services which results in a stream of happy customers and clients and positive testimonials
  • You’ve established an excellent reputation and word-of-mouth referrals from your happy customers, which is also driving traffic to your site
  • You’ve established a growing network of incoming links
  • You are using offline marketing actions, such as direct mail, print ads, radio, and TV, to drive even more traffic to your website

Jeez! Your Internet marketing engine is really pumping a lot of visitors to your website. How come you’re not turning more of those visitors into customers and clients!?
Before diving into a hefty evaluation of your entire Internet marketing machine, simply review what you are giving away for free.
A large percentage of those visitors are only coming one time. And they are visiting for a remarkably short period of time.
You’ve only got a few seconds to engage them and help them in some meaningful way, so that you can develop a relationship which will yield a greater benefit for them, and more business for you.
Many people who land on your site are looking for specific information: some need to solve a problem or to get an answer RIGHT NOW. Others are gathering info to support buying decisions that may be made sooner or later.
Even if some of these visitors determine very quickly that you are providing something they want, if you do not engage them, you will lose a number of your most interested visitors – every day.
And an easy way to engage visitors is to offer them something for free that is relevant to why they arrived on your site in the first place.
On top of that, you should present that free giveaway like you were selling an expensive diamond, because that’s how valuable it is for your visitors and for your business!
When you give away something for free – in exchange for their email – you have an opportunity to help them and of course, as a result, you are building a relationship, which is further developed through an automated email campaign.
In short, no matter how much (or how little) traffic you have coming to your site, if you are not engaging your visitors and offering something valuable enough to capture their imagination – for free – you have lost an opportunity to help them because the likelihood that they will ever return is very low.
If should be emphasized that whatever you are giving away better be GOOD, so that it will genuinely help your visitors, which will result in building a relationship that will be mutually beneficial.
Oh! One more thing. Giving away something valuable is also useful for building incoming links, which is just one more reason to really make sure your giveaways are REALLY GOOD!

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