Generating More Traffic With Blogs

Blog TrafficSearch engines like blogs.
Regardless that searchers and visitors may, or may not, even recognize or care that their search results are made available via blogs, it’s important to the publisher of the blog to get his/her content made as widely available as possible.
Blogs are more and more likely to be the platform that delivers results to searchers, because blog content is typically newer (than a regular website), and search engines have a purpose to deliver the most relevant information to searchers, which can include how fresh the information is.

Blog Metrics

If you examine the metrics of most blogs, 65-95% are first-time visitors, which reflects that search engines are driving NEW visitors to your blog.
Additionally, by looking at blog analytics, which show (among many other things), which posts are the most visited, you will find that the search engines are driving more traffic to internal pages with content relative to what those searchers were looking for, as opposed to the home page.

Blog SEO Point #1

A simple way to increase the likelihood of those searchers finding your blog posts is via search engine optimization (SEO), which is really about making your blog posts more easy to understand for the search engines.
Although the subject of SEO is vastly more involved than the following point #1, just using relevant keywords in the titles and, to a lesser extent, in the headings of your posts are a simple way to clearly designate what the post is about.
Although this may seem intuitive, without an awareness of the importance of keywords one could have the idea that just making a title interesting or eye-catching (without taking into account keywords), or too succinct, may be a good practice.
For example, if you were to write an article about real estate, and title the article “Upcoming Trends,” that would not be a sufficient keyword friendly title and search engines would not be able to interpret that title effectively.  However, if your were to title the post “Upcoming Trends in Southern California Real Estate,” that would be much more informative to search engines AND to potential readers looking for such info.

Recency and Frequency of Blog Posting

In addition to the “recency” of blog content (the newness), as well as the use of keywords in titles, another factor that can make your content more relevant to search engines is how frequently your blog is updated.
A blog with daily updates, or at least weekly updates, is viewed more relevant than a website that updates once a year.
When you consider that a general rule of thumb for an average website conversion is between 1-2%, it becomes all the more obvious that generating as much traffic as possible, or making it as easy as possible for the search engines to deliver your content, becomes an important point.

Blogs as the Hub of Your Social Media Activities

Finally, another factor in driving traffic to your website, which is completely independent of search engines, is linking social media channels to your blog.  Stated another way, if you are participating in social media networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and any of the endless other social media channels, they are very likely already delivering traffic to your blog.
Your blog should be viewed as the hub of all your online social activities and the final measure of all your online activities leading up to lead generation and sales.

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