Generating Free Traffic with Blogs

internet traffic,blogs,bloggingThere are a number of ways to generate traffic, but they can all be boiled down to either:
1) Buying traffic or
2) Growing traffic naturally (free), primarily through Search Engine Optimization and including the use of social media.
And if you have a blog, the opportunities are even greater in regards to developing traffic naturally.
Because there is a large community of bloggers in the world, there is a likelihood that there are others blogging about a similar subject that you are.
Some of those bloggers may be influential in their respective areas and may have a considerable following of people who read what they have to say.
If such a high-profile blogger were to cite something that you wrote about, and link to your website, then you stand to benefit from their traffic visiting your site.
And it all has to do with how easy it is for blogs to link to each other, which is an important component of the community of blogging. (Blogging is not about a one-way communication that is typical of static websites. Blogging is about 2-way communication and community).
For example, let’s say you are a beginning blogger writing about the subject of photography. If you search around to discover other bloggers who write about photography, or a related area, such as art or design, you can determine that some have quite a following, as evidenced by the large amount of comments they receive on their blog.
Here is a customary way to inspire such a high-profile blog to link to yours:

A) Write thoughtful comments on their blog
B) Link to their posts from within your own blog

Such bloggers will notice your comments and, over time, they’ll gain insight into your thinking, or humor, or viewpoint, or experience, and personality. Any one of these points could result in that person linking to you.
Many bloggers automatically track what others are saying about them on other blogs. So, when you write their name on your blog, or when you write their website address on your blog, they are automatically notified. Do that a number of times over a period of weeks or months and you may very well inspire a reciprocal mention, which is a useful component of the 3rd part of the SEO Triangle. (See training video Driving Traffic Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle).
Realize that such a link, itself, and all by itself, even if no traffic were to arrive, is valuable enough that search engines may push your site higher up in the search rankings. (See training video on the SEO Triangle).
But when receiving links from a high-profile blogs, this can be a very useful source of like-minded TRAFFIC.
If a high-profile blogger cites an insightful post of yours, you can benefit from a flood of traffic, and some of those visitors will subscribe to your RSS and others may subscribe to your email newsletter list to see what else you’ve got to say in the future, which would then put them in the process of potentially buying something from you, such as a product or service.
Of course, underpinning this whole thing is an understanding that you’ve got something of value to add to the community. Conversely, that does not suggest that every post you write should be worthy of a Nobel Prize. Sometimes all it takes is a concise statement of simplicity about a matter of community interest and/or a humorous presentation of something already tacitly understood.
It’s also useful to be aware that the highest profile bloggers have LOTS of other bloggers vying for their link love, hence, depending upon how much traffic they command, it may be some time before they link to you, particularly if your blog only has a few posts, which would be a reflection that you have more developing to do as a blogger to become recognized as a stable source of contribution.
But there is nothing wrong with poking around on the Internet today to start commenting on the websites of other bloggers to set the stage for some later opportunities!
And the best part is that in a number of cases, it’s quite EASY to get links from other bloggers who are NOT so high-profile, which is still very helpful to generating more traffic for you!
(See training video Driving Traffic Website Traffic with the SEO Triangle for a better understanding of this concept).

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