Email Marketing Naïveté

Email MarketingEven in this day and age, there are business owners who consider that because email is inexpensive and easy to send, that there’s not much to know about it. Of course, given that most of their attention is on running a business, they cannot be faulted for their naïveté about email marketing. (Or their lack of success in getting email marketing to work for them).
But if anyone has gone through the trouble of collecting email addresses, and crafting a campaign of messages, then having an awareness of at least what it will take to get the message into inboxes of the recipients should be of interest.
The best way to accomplish bulk email delivery is by using one of the many online services that specialize in such. In fact, it should be emphasized that using a permission-based, Email Service Provider (ESP) is an important component of getting a bulk emails to arrive at the intended destination.
Additionally, ESPs often provide features such as:
♦ The ability to send both HTML and plain text formats. Plain text has the best opportunity for getting through to the intended recipients, but HTML allows the use of colors, embedded images and other formatting choices that make a better email presentation.
♦ Spam scoring, which allows the sender to edit a message before sending it, for the purpose of reducing factors that may result in a message getting blocked before it gets to the recipients.
♦ Automatic list maintenance, which includes stopping emails from being sent to recipients who request such, as well as functionality to allow new subscribers to add themselves via web forms.
♦ Email templates, which can make it easier to send emails that are designed to look more like web pages and/or to make the email messages more readily readable by recipients.
♦ Email analytics, which are statistical metrics pertaining to each email campaign sent, as a way of measuring readership engagement.
Of course, the main point of using an ESP is to get your message through to recipients. Although no service is perfect, there are better ones than others. I have used a number of free and paid ESPs over the years and if you are interested in ESP recommendations, click CONTACT and shoot me a message and I’ll let you know what my current favored choices are.

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