Down the Social Networking Drain

social media,social networkingSocial Marketing via social media and social networking can establish your business new contacts, prospects, clients and sales – and – it can waste a lot of time.
Successfully integrating social marketing into your business requires a certain amount of discipline.

No Facebook?

In the same way that some companies deny their employees access to Facebook as a non-productive drain of employee resources, it can in fact waste the time of a business professional who is consciously leveraging social networks as a marketing media.
This does not suggest that social media such as blogs, video sharing and photo sharing service do not have an important role in your company’s online marketing strategy; or that social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn should not be used to promote your company. The opposite is the case.
Each of these can leverage the communication reach of your company’s marketing endeavors.
But just as you wouldn’t want your employees spending their days updating their social profiles on company time, nor would you want to diminish important income generating actions in favor of focusing solely on your social marketing presence (unless, of course, that’s your job!).

Discipline Your Social Media Time

Again, it comes down to disciplining yourself to managing your time to optimize social media technology in a way that best serves your business, marketing and promotion goals.
Perhaps it’s as simple as budgeting 30min to an hour a day and sticking to that time limitation!
From a professional perspective, social media, after all, is supposed to help increase your income and profit, not diminish it.
To hammer home the obvious, I’m not suggesting that you avoid social media, just that you consciously integrate such activity in a disciplined and strategic way.
Is there a time of day that updating posts, followers and friends is the most workable for you?

♦ How about early in the AM, before your primary working hours?

♦ How about in the evening, after work?

♦ How about instead of watching TV?

How Valuable are Your Social Media Activities?

From a business perspective, an important gauge of how much time you should devote to social media activities is how much business it generates for you.
For example, if you are a service professional, and you find that social media interactions account for a larger percentage of new clients, then you would be well justified in investing a good portion of your marketing time towards this media.
On the other hand, if you find that social media and social networking really only accounts for a small percentage of your profitable marketing efforts, then, your resource management responsibilities would demand that you only participate in such activities for a limited time each week, instead of per day.

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