What To Recommend When Everything is Right

websiteJeez. How often do you need to advise a company that is doing everything right? Yesterday I worked with a long-time friend and marketing consultant to offer advice about a client of his, who has demonstrated great success as an online marketer for his business.
The business website under discussion certainly does not reflect The Five Most Common Website Problems. In fact, the opposite is the case.
Not only has this client done an excellent job of online marketing with a 3-person web team, their efforts have been rewarded with millions of dollars of annual sales for many years. Furthermore, their website serves as a model example, within its niche industry, for incorporating the majority of best practices and executing them well.
This is a client that has picked off all the low-hanging fruit with SEO, PPC, direct mail and established email joint venture partnerships with the primary movers and shakers within their industry as well as giving away free downloadable information in exchange for visitor name/emails to build up their email list.
So what to say? Well, here were my suggestions:

Even MORE Publicity

Even though this client’s success has included publicity campaigns over the years (to become the dominant player in their niche) , I recommended additional newsworthy publicity events and activities, which are promoted via paid online press releases as well as any traditional offline press opportunities, including local TV stations.

Social Media Marketing

The savvy business owner in question has built a dominant position in his industry through a heavy focus on highly measurable, high return-on-investment, direct response marketing. As a result, this client has not focused on social media, due to its lack of quantifiable ROI, compared to everything that has been working.  (Having said that, this client has not ignored this area, either).
My advice was to establish a greater flow of content creation in terms of blog posts and video productions (and video optimization) – on a scale considerably larger than what had been created previously, which would be supported by social network marketing, as outlined in this social media strategy.
I noted that the preceding would not have the same ROI as currently enjoyed but that it does have a potential to penetrate further into the online world and connect to potential customers that have not been otherwise reached.

Display Advertising

Although PPC has been one of many facets that have served this client well, I suggested some testing in display advertising to reap greater profits from the same advertising expenditures.
Further, a Reverse Banner Ad Tactic could be tested (establishing banner ad images that will rarely be clicked on), as a relatively low-cost branding strategy, especially since they could leverage their name, which is already dominating its industry.  (Although, once again, this is moving away from the highest-ROI value).

Affiliate Offers

One thing that was not apparent was their affiliate program. I suggested emailing their list (containing several hundred thousand subscribers), to actively and directly promote their affiliate offer to substantially propagate their program. Further, I  emphasized that they should confirm that their offer is still currently a very GOOD affiliate program relative other affiliate programs in their industry.
Although I didn’t gain the satisfaction of offering enough suggestions that could yield quick and highly quantifiable returns (excepting the affiliate promotion), I was quite delighted to see an example of a business that was succeeding primarily as a result of very well executed online marketing practices.

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